All About Low Volatility Investing

All About Low Volatility Investing

von: Peter Sander

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What do Toyota, Apple, and Zappos have in common? CUSTOMER-CENTRIC CULTURE And now, with this research-based method, you can replicate their success with your business Based on more than 60 studies and the authors three-year proprietary research project with more than 100 companies, The Customer Culture Imperative demonstrates that organizations exhibiting a strong &quote;customer-centric culture&quote; do, in fact, produce superior business performance. It provides diagnostic tools and a roadmap for effective implementation, designed to make cultural change concrete and actionable in any organization. Dr. Linden R. Brown is chairman and co-founder of MarketCulture Strategies Inc. Christopher Brown is the former marketing director for Hewlett-Packard for the South Pacific and is presently a Silicon Valley-based sales and marketing consultant.

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