It's Never About the Fitness

It's Never About the Fitness

11 Daily Rituals to create a love-affair with your body

von: Sarah-Anne Lucas

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Verlag: Rethink Press Audio
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Veröffentl.: 18.01.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781781335475
Sprache: englisch

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Are you ready to transition into the person you know is within you? There is only ever one answer: Yes I Am! Sarah-Anne Lucas believes that with simple, consistent daily rituals and unwavering faith YOU will create an abundance of energy and fall in love with your body. You don't need to transform your already amazing self. 'Bird' guides you through a 4-step transition process into lifelong living. Forever. Become the person you have always dreamed of; Believe in the power of the words "I Am Amazing"; Become the beauty that other people see; Believe You are the most extraordinary person you know; Become your children's inspiration; This is the most powerful audiobook you will ever listen to: it begins and ends; with YOU. Your ultimate investment is actioning beautiful thoughts, creating an exciting environment and putting goodness into your body. Your body is genius. Give yourself the greatest gift: Stop and Breathe. Listen to your body. It feeds back to you every moment. Feel what it is saying. YOU ARE ENOUGH.
My name is Sarah-Anne Lucas.
All my friends and family call me "Bird", and I would  love you to do the same.
I started out as a nurse, aged 24, but have since been a dance style aerobics instructor (I just loved the head mics – made me feel like Madonna), personal trainer and Pilates and movement teacher.
More recently, I have become a businesswoman, setting up two companies in the Women's Empowerment space alongside my daughter.
I adore business, the jousting for position in the market, creating products of worth and adapting to stormy waters.
I am now a wannabe billionaire, the funniest International speaker, radio host/presenter/producer.
I've been running a weekly show, The Conversation, for the last four years. It's a live one-hour radio show, where the guest and I openly show you their story.
When I'm not writing or working, I'm a crazy Ironman athlete.
I once got asked, "What are you training for…?" I replied: "Everything."
I have 3 extraordinary big people who are the reason I do what I do.
You see, I take my role of being their Mumma very seriously. I am their role model (alongside Kim Kardashian.
I don't allow Kim the pure pleasure of inspiring them!).
I support Women.
Women of all ages.
Women who want more from the life they find themselves in.

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