Monoclonal Antibodies in Headache

Monoclonal Antibodies in Headache

From Bench to Patient

von: Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, Paolo Martelletti

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Intended to promote a more appropriate and modern therapeutic approach to migraine management, this book is the first to deal with monoclonal antibodies in this context. Authored by the most respected migraine experts from around the globe and drawing on the lessons learned in both clinical trials and clinical practice, it reviews the current state of knowledge on this important therapeutic innovation, which has produced impressive data in randomized controlled trials, and the efficacy and safety of which have been confirmed in day-to-day real-world use. Given its scope, the book will appeal to a broad range of specialists, including pharmacologists, clinical pharmacologists, neurologists and internists, but also to residents and medical students.

1.       The CGRP family of neuropeptides and their receptors in the trigeminovascular system.

2.       Pharmacology; where do the mAbs act, gepants vs mAbs

3.       Monoclonal Antibody Biology

4.       Guidelines for clinical trials

5.       Human Models

6.       CGRP Antibodies for Animal Models of Primary and Secondary Headache Disorders

7.       Galcanezumab

8.       Eptinezumab

9.       Erenumab

10.   Fremanezumab

11.   Potential side effects and pregnancy

12.   Real-world data, clinical practice so far

13.   Migraine vs Cluster headache and potential other indications
Antoinette Maassen van den Brink is an Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the Department of Internal Medicine, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  Her main focus is on the neurovascular aspects of migraine, with a special interest in the impact of female sex hormones on the disease’s neurovascular pharmacology. She is a board member of the Dutch Society for Gender & Health, Dutch Pharmacological Society, the Federation of European Pharmacological Societies, the Dutch Headache Society, and the European Headache Federation.Paolo Martelletti has been an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the University 'La Sapienza' of Rome since 2005 and Director of the Regional Reference Centre for Headaches at Sant'Andrea Hospital in Rome, Italy, since 2003. After extensive research activities in the fields of internal medicine, cephalalgias, and pain management since 1980, he is now exploring new research avenues for the study of factors for chronicity, comorbidities, and aspects of health economics in primary headaches; elaborating rehabilitation protocols in patients with secondary headache as a consequence of medication abuse; and studying innovative therapies for the acute treatment and prophylaxis of primary headaches. He is a series editor of the Springer Headache series, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Headache and Pain, and Section Editor of Comprehensive Clinical Medicine.

Addresses all new monoclonal antibodies for treating migraine
Analyses the entire path – from discovery to pharmacology, human and animal models, and the four molecules in the group
Places major emphasis on real-world data emerging after the official guidelines

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