Iain Cambridge

Seductive Reasoning Volume Two

Hear No Evil

To Deb and Matthew.

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To the owner of the Porsche:

I am sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you today. This morning at around 1.30am I was passing your car after having been out to dinner with my wife, (who was heavily pregnant at the time) when she felt the first pains of labor. I am an ex-criminal and stealing cars was my choice of profession when I was younger, a mistake I have paid for with five years of my life behind bars. I panicked and took the only choice I had available to me at that hour in the morning, which was to take the car that we were standing next to and drive my wife to the hospital. Unfortunately, this happened to be your car. At 8.45 this morning my wife gave birth to our son and both Mother and child are doing fine. I am returning your car now with my profound apologies. I have filled the car up with a full tank of premium gas and have had the car valeted. Please accept also two tickets to the West End show ‘Les Miserables’ as a small token of my thanks. I will not be leaving my name, as I am a known criminal and do not want my actions to take me away from my new family, as this most certainly would do.

Thank you again.


A Friend