The noble Polish Wegner family.

Die adlige polnische Familie Wegner.


Wegner. Shield red - silver divided, above a growing, silver unicorn, below two black stakes, between which a red rose. They sat in Prussia, where they were called Wegnern, and in 1635 they received the Polish nobility.


Wegner . Noble. in const. 1662. fol. 40th - Małachowski.     


Pierzcha coat of arms. On the shield of this coat of arms, on the peacock's helmet, should be the flounder or the sea advantage: a tail between two keys, as MS described it. about the Prussian families, because our writers are silent about it. Pierzchowie in Prussia is proud of this coat of arms. Of these, Jan Pierzcha was the voivode of Pomerania in 1480. The pastor was buried in Puck: his nephew was his chamberlain Chełmiński, who was called MS. History and position [p. 295] polonium. Pruten. two Pierzcha count the Chamberlain of Chełmno, one Johannes 1482, the second Eberhard 1492. Jerzy Pierzcha was 1527 secretary and chancellor of the Pomeranian prince.          Helena Achacego Cemy, Chamberlain Chełmiński, wife of Starosta Człuchowski, her tombstone in Sztum in front of the great altar. Near Gdansk, in Straszyn, two brothers from Powalska, Wappen Rogala (who after the death of her husband she succeeded Jeremian Dembiński, the elder Orliński) became Michał, who settled in his homeland, had Wegnerowna, a daughter from her, who was married to Głuchowski in Cracow; the second Jerzy, the younger brother of Michał, who had bought 5 Bochlin in the Nowski Land, an heiress from Klonowska, had a daughter who was married to Mikołaj Konojadzki from the Prawdzic coat of arms. Ignacy died in our order in the years 74. Chojnice died in 1708. Wawrzyniec in 1735.    


Newspapers> 19th Century> Part 1

2969 (Poznan Journal) 1876

Teodora Wegner, quit it. 18 years old, suffering long and hard. 9gr. + Father and siblings. Strzelno (No. 283)


3730 (Poznan Journal) 1881

Posen 21 / I. Bronisława Wegner, née Kurnatowska, founded in Poznan, ul. Fryder. Pattern for women (No. 17)


5126 (Poznan Journal) 1884

Julia Gruszczyńska née Wegner, 32+ today difficult. Choir husband and 3 children (No. 228)


7837 (Poznań Journal) 1892

Aleksandra Podlewska 6 / VI. + K. Wegner (No. 131)


8514 (Poznan Journal) 1894