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Foreword by

Sue Barker

I’ve been lucky enough to do many wonderful things during my career so far, but one of the things I am most proud of is A Question of Sport. First and foremost, just like you, I am a fan of the show. The programme has been a mainstay of BBC Television since 1970, meaning that many of us have grown up with it and we all have a special bond and relationship with QS. The fact that I have been able to be involved in the show, first as a viewer, then as a guest, and finally as the presenter has – for me – been nothing short of an honour.

Before you get down to the serious business of tackling the thousands of sporting teasers that lie ahead, I thought I should give you a bit of background on my relationship with the longest-running sports quiz in the world. I began my QS journey in quite bizarre circumstances that I’m sure not too many other people can say. It was in the early 1980s, and I was dressed in a life-size costume of a skunk or a chipmunk or some sort of rodent for the Mystery Guest round. Quite what I was meant to be doing at Earl’s Court that day I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, suffice to say I was pretty well hidden and when the video ended the contestants back in the studio all seemed to have blank faces. Willie Carson’s team had the first opportunity to guess and they plumped for the Middleweight Champion boxer Alan Minter. Bill Beaumont’s team didn’t do much better when Trevor Francis guessed it was England goalkeeper Ray Clemence. Bearing in mind that both these sportsMEN are well over six feet tall, I wasn’t exactly flattered!

My next appearance on the show was slightly more conventional, as Gareth Edwards and I sat alongside captain Emlyn Hughes as we took on Bill Beaumont’s team. I can remember being extremely nervous, especially for the Home or Away round. I can totally empathise with the guests these days, as you never want to get your own home question wrong. The rules of the show then, as they are now, are very strict and absolutely no one has any idea of the questions they are going to be asked, so the spotlight is well and truly on. Thankfully I got my question right that day – well, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In 1996, I was contacted by the legendary David Coleman – an institution on A Question of Sport since the mid 1970s – and he asked me personally if I would be interested in taking on the role as questionmaster. Naturally, my initial reaction was to jump at it, but at the same time I was filled with dread as it is a daunting task to follow such a broadcasting great. How could anybody fill those shoes? Nevertheless I took over with John Parrott and Ally McCoist in the captains’ chairs and, some 450 episodes later, I am still here and enjoying it as much as, if not more than, ever. As well as JP and Ally, I have had my work cut out trying to control Frankie Dettori during his spell as a captain, and now I have the immense pleasure of keeping order as Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell run riot. We all have such fun making the programme, but at the end of the day you can’t take the competitive spirit out of the captains who, despite all the joking and banter, really want to win.

Over the years, I have been privileged to have the best seat in the house as A Question of Sport has welcomed some of the great names from the world of sport onto the panel. In my other job as a BBC Sports presenter, I have been fortunate to work alongside legends such as Michael Johnson, John McEnroe and Steve Redgrave, but it is still a thrill for me to get the opportunity to quiz some great names from other sports. There have been so many fantastic names to join us on the show, the majority of whom feature throughout this book, but a couple of personal highlights for me include Seve Ballesteros, a wonderful golfer and a great man who sadly passed away in 2011, and Mark Spitz, whose exploits at the 1972 Olympics were inspirational to any budding sporting youngster at the time.

Quizzing, and A Question of Sport in particular, is very much a sport in its own right. There are tactics, the ability to cope under pressure, teamwork and individual brilliance. The highs and lows of success and failure are present in the QS studio just as they would be at Wembley, Lord’s or Wimbledon. I have seen great internationals look crestfallen as they make a mistake, and also the elation when they manage to get the answer to a really tricky question right. I can vividly remember Sam Torrance struggling over this question: ‘Which American golfer won two Majors during the 1990s but never played in the Ryder Cup?’ Now, Sam is a Ryder Cup legend in his own right and his knowledge of the event is verging on encyclopaedic. So every name that Ally McCoist put forward as a potential answer was knocked back by Sam with a ‘no, he played in the Ryder Cup.’ After many minutes of genuine pain and anguish, suddenly Sam yelled out, ‘Daly, John Daly!’ The expression on his face was nothing short of euphoric and rivalled his pleasure in sinking the winning putt at the Belfry in 1985. It was a magical moment, one of hundreds that I have been delighted to witness in the studio.

Everyone has their personal favourite round on A Question of Sport and, whether that is Mystery Guest, Home or Away or What Happened Next, this book covers all of them and more. When I travel up to Manchester to record QS, I always spend time with the production team before the show going through the questions and I play along myself with all the rounds as I test myself, but I won’t say how well or badly I get on. My personal favourite is the One Minute Round as I love the time pressure and particularly enjoy trying to guess the names of the sports people who share their names with a type of hat, facial hair or sea creature. How else would we have ever heard of the fantastic names of Larry Fedora, Johnny Moustache and Prince Octopus Dzanie? That round for me sums up everything that is great about A Question of Sport – a fantastic mixture of sporting facts and knowledge coupled with a lot of fun and laughter. Just like playing any sport, everyone wants to win but equally important is enjoying taking part and making some wonderful friends along the way.

Good luck with all the questions and challenges that lie ahead over the next 500 or so pages. I have tried my hand at a number of them and mark my words, it is a lot easier when you have the answers in front of you.

With special thanks to the A Question of Sport production team.
Gareth JM Edwards (Series Producer). Kieron Collins (Executive Producer).

Game 1

On this episode of A Question of Sport are…

Michael Owen (Football)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1998

Sean Fitzpatrick (Rugby Union)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2005

Mark Ramprakash (Cricket)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1991

Kelly Holmes (Track athletics)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1994


The first ever episode of A Question of Sport was aired on 5 January 1970 with David Vine hosting the show. The captains were Henry Cooper and Cliff Morgan and the guests were George Best, Ray Illingworth, Lillian Board and Tom Finney.


Round 1 – Opening Rally

1. Name the 12 playing members of Europe’s Ryder Cup winning team in 2010.

Round 2 – One Minute Round

1. Who captained India to victory in the 2011 Cricket World Cup final win over Sri Lanka?

2. In which sport did Stephanie Cook win Olympic gold for Britain in 2000?

3. On which day is the King George VI horse race traditionally run every year?

4. Of which Olympic sport is this an anagram? HOT CANDLE

5. David Boon scored 21 Test centuries for Australia before captaining which English county?

6. In which sport have competitors included the Dump Truck and Typhoon?

7. Which darts player is nicknamed Hawaii 501?

These sports stars all share their surnames with natural water features.

8. Tony _____ (Rallying)

9. Johan _____ (Tennis)

10. Zinzan _____ (Rugby Union)

Round 3 – Mystery Guest

1. I was born in 1981 and first tried my chosen sport at the age of three (4 points)

Although I am claustrophobic I spend a lot of time sitting in a confined space (3 points)

In 2005 I became my sport’s youngest ever World Champion (2 points)

I was the first Spaniard to win the World Championship in my sport (1 point)

2. I was a National Junior under 18s Champion at the age of 13 (4 points)

In 1988 I won an Olympic gold medal but this was only a small part of my successes that year (3 points)

I married another star from my sport and we have both won at Wimbledon (2 points)

I partnered Gabriela Sabatini in four Grand Slam Women’s Doubles finals winning one at Wimbledon (1 point)

Round 4 – Home or Away

1. Michael Owen. Who became the first Englishman to score in the three successive World Cup finals when he scored against Ecuador in 2006?

2. Sean Fitzpatrick. Who in 1980 played in England’s Grand Slam winning team and 23 years later coached them as they won the World Cup?

3. Mark Ramprakash. Who by scoring 221 at Lord’s in 2004 posted England’s highest individual Test score since Graham Gooch’s triple century in 1990?

4. Kelly Holmes. Which athlete competed in her sixth Olympic Games in Beijing having won 800m gold in 2000 and a bronze in 1996?

Round 5 – Captain’s Away

1. In which sport do women contest the Curtis Cup every two years?

2. Which famous race was first run in 1903 and was won by Maurice Garin?

3. Name the two countries beginning with the letter S that hosted a Formula One Grand Prix in 2010?

4. In which sport is the Doggett’s Coat and Badge awarded?

a) Modern Pentathlon

b) Rowing

c) Handball

Round 6 – What Happened Next

1. Spartak Moscow are playing FC Saturn in the Russian League and Spartak Moscow are awarded a penalty and their striker Alex steps up to take the kick, what happened next?

a) As Spartak striker Alex takes the penalty his boot comes off and the goalkeeper saves the boot but the ball goes in.

b) A fan runs onto the pitch and scores the penalty before Alex can take it.

c) Alex takes the penalty and the ball hits both posts, then the keeper, and deflects into the goal.

4. Boxers Cello Renda and Paul Samuels are in the middle of a Middleweight bout at the Fenton Manor Sports Complex in Staffordshire in 2009, what happened next?

a) Whilst separating the boxers, the referee Tony O’Connor slips on the canvas and knocks over Samuels.

b) Renda and Samuels hit each other at the same time and knock each other out.

c) Renda ducks a right hook from Samuels which causes Samuels to fall through the ropes and onto the floor below.

Round 7 – On the Buzzer

This buzzer round is all about Australia.

1. Which scrum half won 139 caps for Australia between 1994 and 2007 to become Rugby Union’s most capped player?

2. Who became the first football player to score for Australia at the World Cup when he scored against Japan in 2006?

3. Which famous horse race is held at Flemington Park every year in November and was won three times in a row by Makybe Diva in the 2000s?

4. In 1990 which BBC commentator became only the second ever Australian to win the USPGA Championship?

5. In 1975 which Australian snooker player lost his third World Championship final having previously finished runner up in 1968 and 1973?

6. Which Australian Formula One driver won the World Championship in 1980?

7. Which city was the first to host the Summer Olympics in Australia?

8. In which motor sport did Australian Jason Crump become a World Champion for the third time in 2009?

9. Who replaced Ricky Ponting as the Test captain of Australia in 2011 following the Cricket World Cup?

10. In which sport did Tony David become the first Australian World Champion by defeating Mervyn King in the final?

11. Which Australian rider won the 500cc World Championship in five consecutive years between 1994 and 1998?

12. Which country beat Australia 34 – 20 in the 2008 Rugby League World Cup final?

13. Which sport do the Geelong Cats, the St Kilda Saints and the Sydney Swans play?

14. In 2000 which female athlete won the Olympic 400m on home soil in Sydney?

15. Which Australian played in two Champions League finals with Liverpool in the 2000s?

16. In which sport did Australian Anna Meares win three World Championship gold medals in 2011?

17. Who defeated Andy Murray in the Men’s Singles final at the Australian Open in 2011 to win his second Grand Slam title?

18. In which field event did Steve Hooker win Olympic gold for Australia in Beijing?

19. Which Australian won three gold and two silver medals at the Sydney Olympics to become the most successful swimmer at the Games?

20. In which sport did Australian Stephanie Gilmore win four successive World Championships between 2007 and 2010?

Game 2

On this episode of A Question of Sport are…

John Terry (Football)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2005

Will Carling (Rugby Union)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1988

Sean Kerly (Field Hockey)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1986

Jessica Ennis (Track and field athletics)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2008


Round 1 – Opening Rally

1. Name the first 10 bowlers to take 400 wickets in Test cricket.

Round 2 – One Minute Round

1. For which country did British born Fiona May win a World Championship Long Jump title?

2. In which sport do the winners of a major final receive the Vince Lombardi Trophy?

3. Which jockey’s name is this an anagram of? BURLY WASH

4. Who scored both goals for AC Milan as they beat Liverpool in the 2007 Champions League Cup final?

5. In which sport did ‘the Albatross’ Michael Gross win Olympic, World and European gold medals?

6. In which position did Matt Dawson play for England in the 2003 World Cup final?

7. Which British tennis player won her only tennis Grand Slam at the French Open in 1976?

These sports stars all share their surnames with jobs.

8. Dennis _____ (Snooker)

9. Roger _____ (Football)

10. Wendell _____ (Rugby League)

Round 3 – Mystery Guest

1. I competed for Great Britain at the Olympics and Wales at the Commonwealth Games (4 points)

I was born in 1967 and retired in 2003 but unfortunately I never fulfilled my ambition of winning Olympic gold (3 points)

I faced many hurdles in my career but I overcame them to win World Championship gold and become a world record holder (2 points)

I am now a sports pundit on television and starred on Strictly Come Dancing (1 point)

2. My father was an Australian Rules Footballer and I played the sport myself (4 points)

In 2002 I became only the 4th man in my sport to be ranked number one in the world for every week in the calendar year (3 points)

In 2001 I won the US Open the year before I conquered Wimbledon (2 points)

I won the Davis Cup with Australia in 1999 and 2003 (1 point)

Round 4 – Home or Away

1. John Terry. Who left Manchester United in 2008 and the following year won the Champions League with Barcelona?

2. Will Carling. Which English forward toured with the British and Irish Lions in 1997 and 2005 but didn’t make his Test debut for the team until his third tour in 2009?

3. Sean Kerly. In 2009 England won the European Men’s Hockey Championship by beating the Olympic Champions – who are they?

4. Jessica Ennis. Which Olympic Champion is the only Heptathlete to win the World Championships on three successive occasions?

Round 5 – Captain’s Away

1. Dating back to 1839 the Grand Challenge Cup is the oldest of all races at which annual event?

2. At the 2011 US Masters which country had three of their golfers finish in the top 6?

3. Name the two Rugby League teams that won the Challenge Cup in the 2000s whose names begin with the letter W?

4. Which of the following is the only driver to win the Formula One World Title, the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans?

a) Jackie Ickx

b) Graham Hill

c) Jackie Stewart

Round 6 – Great Sporting Moments

1. With seconds left of the 1968 Challenge Cup Ken Hirst slid through the muddy turf and brought Wakefield to within one point of Leeds’ score. All it needed now was for one of the best kickers in Rugby League to send the conversion through the posts to win the game. Who famously missed the kick?

2. The semi-final had got off to a clean start and the British athlete was running smoothly until, 150m into the race, he heard a pop and pulled up injured and saw Steve Lewis cruise into the 400m Olympic final. From the stands his father Jim ran onto the track and helped him across the line in tears to sympathetic applause from the crowd. Which British athlete’s Olympic experience in 1992 ended this way?

Round 7 – On the Buzzer

Every question in this buzzer round is about the year 1997.

1. On which day of the week did Lord Gyllene win the Grand National at Aintree?

2. Captained by Matthew Maynard which cricket team won their first County Championship since 1949?

3. Which American won the World Championship 110m hurdles final to retain his title?

4. Which team reached the finals of the FA Cup and the League Cup yet were still relegated from the Premier League?

5. Britain’s Herbie Hide and Henry Akinwande both held versions of boxing World Titles during 1997, but at which weight?

6. Who became the first Canadian to win the Formula One World Championship?

7. In which sport did Jansher Khan win a sixth successive British Open beating Peter Nicol in the final?

8. Which biennial competition was staged at Valderrama in October?

9. Which Australian beat Greg Rusedski in the US Open final?

10. Which famous BBC commentator retired after his 50th Grand National?

11. In which sport did Britain’s James Hickman earn a gold medal in a World Championship in Gothenburg?

12. Who hit a five minutes and 20 seconds 147 maximum break at the Crucible Theatre?

13. Which club retained the Rugby League Challenge Cup by beating the Bradford Bulls for a second successive season?

14. Wilson Kipketer broke a Briton’s world record and retained his World Championship Title in which event?

15. Which French club beat Leicester Tigers to lift the Heineken Cup for the first time?

16. At the age of 44 which Essex and England batsman retired from county cricket?

17. Who was the ‘Swiss Miss’ who won three of the tennis Grand Slam Singles Titles in 1997?

18. With which team did Scotland’s Paul Lambert win the Champions League by beating Juventus in the final?

19. Which American golfer won his first Major by triumphing at the US Masters by 12 shots?

20. Which Cuban won his second high jump World Championship gold medal four years after winning his first?

Game 3

On this episode of A Question of Sport are…

Ally McCoist (Football)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1988

Gavin Henson (Rugby Union)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2005

Annabel Croft (Tennis)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1985

Luke Donald (Golf)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2005


David Vine was the first host of A Question of Sport and took charge of the programme for the first five series.


Round 1 – Opening Rally

1. Other than goalkeeper Peter Shilton name the 10 players that started the 1990 Football World Cup semi-final for England.

Round 2 – One Minute Round

1. Which Spaniard won the World Matchplay Championship at Wentworth on four occasions in the 1980s?

2. In which athletics event did Françoise Mbango Etone win Cameroon’s only gold medal of the 2008 Summer Olympics?

3. Which racecourse hosts the Scottish Grand National every year?

4. Which British Olympian is this an anagram of? A SLIM GEM

5. In which city has Snooker’s World Championships been held since 1977?

6. Which Scottish Football League team play their home games at the Tynecastle Stadium?

7. Which team won the 2011 University Boat Race?

These sports stars all share their surnames with jobs.

8. Jason _______ (Athletics)

9. Michael _______ (Snooker)

10. Alastair _______ (Cricket)

Round 3 – Mystery Guest

1. I was born in September 1961 in Pittsburgh and played for my team from 1983 until 1999 (4 points)

I was the first rookie to start as a quarterback in the Superbowl (3 points)

I was the first quarterback to reach 60,000 passing yards in a career, a feat which was surpassed by Brett Favre (2 points)

In 2005 I was inducted into the American Football Hall of Fame for my career with the Miami Dolphins (1 point)

2. Although I was born in Europe I represented the USA throughout my career (4 points)

I am a product of Stanford University and my brother was also a tennis player (3 points)

Between 1978 and 1984 I partnered Peter Fleming to 10 Grand Slam Doubles finals (2 points)

As a professional I won the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Title on three occasions although I didn’t always endear myself to umpires or my opponents (1 point)

Round 4 – Home or Away

1. Ally McCoist. Which England midfielder won League Championships with Everton, Rangers and Marseilles between 1984 and 1996?

2. Gavin Henson. In 2007 which South African equalled Jonah Lomu’s record of scoring 8 tries in a World Cup?

3. Annabel Croft. Who in 2008 became the first British player to win a Junior Title at Wimbledon in 24 years?

4. Luke Donald. Who narrowly missed out on his sixth Open Championship win by losing in a playoff to Stewart Cink in 2009?

Round 5 – Captain’s Away

1. In which sport might you high five a setter after a successful smash?

2. David Weir of Great Britain won which race for an unprecedented fifth time in April 2011?

3. Name the two Scotsmen who held a version of the World Lightweight Title in the 1970s?

4. Who is the only man to win a Formula One World Championship and a World Motor Cycling World Title?

a) Mike Hailwood

b) Jim Clark

c) John Surtees

Round 6 – What Happened Next

1. Golfer Andrew McLardy is in action at the Houston Open and is on the 17th tee, what happened next?

a) As McLardy starts his backswing, he is put off by a car alarm and completely misses the ball.

b) McLardy hits his drive left of the fairway and it flies straight into a litter bin.

c) McLardy loses grip of his club after hitting his tee shot, and his ball flies away behind him and lands amongst the watching spectators.

2. Melaine Walker has just won the 400m Hurdles at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin. The tournament mascot Berlino the Bear is helping her celebrate and gives her a piggy back but what happened next?

a) Walker’s shorts rip and an official takes her flag from her to cover her modesty.

b) The mascot keeps running and interrupts the Women’s Discus final that is currently taking place.

c) The mascot runs straight into some stacked hurdles and he ends up on his back dropping Walker in the process.

Round 7 – On the Buzzer

All the answers to this buzzer round begin with the letter A, in the case of a person it’s the surname that must start with that letter.

1. Who captained the USA at the 2008 Ryder Cup, 17 years after winning the USPGA Championship?

2. Which country won the Netball World Championship three times during the 1990s?

3. Which country finished third at the 2007 Rugby Union World Cup beating France in the 3rd place playoff?

4. Which English team beat Bayern Munich 1-0 in the 1982 European Cup final?

5. At which racecourse did Frankie Dettori win all seven races in the same day in 1996?

6. Which Darts player won his second BDO World Championship by beating Dave Chisnall in 2010?

7. Who took over from Andy Robinson as the England Rugby Union coach in 2006?

8. Which American city is home to a Major League Baseball team called the Braves, an NBA team called the Hawks and an American Football team called the Falcons?

9. Which England player went 54 Test innings without being dismissed for a duck before Ben Hilfenhaus dismissed him at the Oval in 2009?

10. In which sport do the Richmond Tigers, West Coast Eagles and the Western Bulldogs compete?

11. How are the 11th, the 12th and the 13th holes at Augusta collectively known?

12. What nationality is three time Formula One World Champion Niki Lauda?

13. In which sport did Alberto Tomba win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in 1992?

14. Who became the first American to win the Indianapolis 500 and the Formula One World Championship?

15. Which horse won the 2004 Grand National to give trainer Ginger McCain his fourth victory in the famous race?

16. Which British sailor won Olympic gold in the Finn Class at the 2008 games?

17. In which sport did England’s Duncan Busby win two gold medals at the Commonwealth Games?

18. Which city hosted the first Summer Olympic Games and hosted the competition again 108 years later in 2004?

19. Which British boxer fought Lennox Lewis for the WBC Heavyweight Title in 1997?

20. In the 2000s which female skier won seven gold medals in the Giant Slalom at the British National Alpine Ski Championships?

Game 4

On this episode of A Question of Sport are…

Steven Gerrard (Football)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2002

Ben Ainslie (Sailing)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1997

George Foreman (Boxing)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2004

Sally Gunnell (Track athletics)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1989


Round 1 – Opening Rally

1. Name the first ten British Drivers to win the Formula One World Championship.

Round 2 – One Minute Round

1. Which Spanish football team play their home games at the Bernabeu?

2. Which famous race did Bjarne Riis win in 1996 and Jan Ullrich win in 1997?

3. Which country beat Cuba to win the gold medal in baseball at the 2008 Summer Olympics?

4. In which sport do women compete internationally for the Fed Cup?

5. Which English football club is this an anagram of? VITAL LOANS

6. In which event did Kelly Sotherton win an Olympic medal in Athens?

7. Which American city’s NFL American Football team are called the Seahawks?

These sports stars all share their surnames with jobs.

8. Eunice _______ (Athletics)

9. Peter _______ (Golf)

10. Mark _______ (Cricket)

Round 3 – Mystery Guest

1. I was born in 1966 and won the British Amateur Championship at the age of 18 (4 points)

I have famously partnered two of my compatriots in the Ryder Cup with great success (3 points)

I became only the second Spaniard in history to win a Major when I won the US Masters Title in 1994, a feat I repeated again in 1999 (2 points)

I was honoured to be named as Europe’s captain for 2012 Ryder Cup (1 point)

2. I won for the first time in 1983 at the age of 19 as an amateur (4 points)

My father and grandfather were trainers in Northern Ireland where I was born (3 points)

Since retiring I have literally gone to the ends of the Earth as I have skied to the North Pole and trekked to the South Pole (2 points)

I won the Grand National in 1986 and 1994 and I competed alongside Lilia Kopylova on Strictly Come Dancing (1 point)

Round 4 – Home or Away

1. Steven Gerrard. Who in 2007 became the first Reading player to win an England cap since Herbert Smith over 100 years before?

2. Ben Ainslie. In which class did Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson win Olympic gold for Great Britain in Beijing?

3. George Foreman. Which American born boxer retired undefeated in his 49 fights having held the World Heavyweight Title between 1952 and 1956?

4. Sally Gunnell. Between 2002 and 2007 which athlete won the Women’s 400m hurdles at both the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games on two occasions?

Round 5 – Captain’s Away

1. Which country did England cricket coach Duncan Fletcher once captain?

2. Which modern day Olympic event did the Greek legend of Pheidippides inspire?

3. Name the two horses that won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in the 2000s whose names begin with the letter K?

4. Which Welshman was Cliff Thorburn playing when he scored his maximum 147 break at the 1983 World Championships?

a) Doug Mountjoy

b) Ray Reardon

c) Terry Griffiths

Round 6 – Great Sporting Moments

1. At the age of 32 the courageous jockey had conquered everything life had thrown at him. Less than two years earlier he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer but now he found himself leading the Grand National at Aintree. After jumping the final fence his horse Aldaniti made a dash for the finishing line. Which Grand National winning jockey is this?

2. Sensing the chance to emulate the great Jesse Owens’ Olympic achievement the American took the baton from Calvin Smith and sprinted for the line to win his 4th gold medal of the Games. Who completed his medal haul in the 100m relay?

Round 7 – On the Buzzer

Everything in this buzzer round took place in the year 2009.

1. Who scored four goals for Arsenal in their 4-4 draw with Liverpool at Anfield?

2. Which city staged the first Test of the 2009 Ashes series?

3. Which Irishman captained the British and Irish Lions in the their three Test tour of South Africa?

4. Who won the USPGA Championship to become the first Asian golfer to win a Major?

5. Which horse won the Cheltenham Gold Cup for the second time having previously won the race two years earlier?

6. Who at the 130th attempt won his first Formula One race by winning the German Grand Prix?

7. Which player beat Andy Murray in the Wimbledon Singles semi-final before losing to Roger Federer in the final?

8. In the World Athletics Championship in Berlin Greg Rutherford broke Chris Tomlinson’s British Record in which event?

9. Who made the first defence of his World Super Middleweight Title by defeating Jermain Taylor?

10. Which Warrington Wolves player scored a drop goal in the Challenge Cup quarter-final, semi-final and the final itself?

11. In which sport did Britain’s Gemma Spofforth win a World Championship gold medal?

12. Which horse did Michael Kinane ride to victory in the 2000 Guineas, the Epsom Derby and the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in 2009?

13. In 2009 which city was named as the hosts of the Summer Olympics in 2016?

14. In which sport did Sinead and John Kerr win a record 7th British Championship?

15. Which English golfer won the 2009 Race to Dubai?

16. Which England batsman scored a century on his debut for England at the Oval against Australia in 2009?

17. Which country won their first Grand Slam in the Six Nations Championship since 1948?

18. In which sport did Lizzie Armitstead, Joanna Rowsell and Wendy Houvenhagel win World Championship gold for Britain?

19. Who besides Lionel Messi scored for Barcelona in their 2-0 defeat of Manchester United in the 2009 Champions League final?

20. Who by winning a field event was the only man to win a gold medal for Britain at the 2009 World Championships?

Game 5

On this episode of A Question of Sport are…

Franz Klammer (Skiing)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2002

Matthew Hoggard (Cricket)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2004

Jim Courier (Tennis)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2005

Rory Underwood (Rugby Union)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1986


David Coleman chaired the programme in the 1970s, the 1980s and the 1990s. His final show as host of the programme was on 30 May 1997, having taken charge of the show over 350 times.


Round 1 – Opening Rally

1. Name the top 10 countries in the medal list for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Round 2 – One Minute Round

1. Which country hosted the 1999 Cricket World Cup?

2. With which sport do you associate with the Jules Rimet Trophy?

3. Born in Slovakia but representing Switzerland which tennis player won the Australian Open Ladies Singles Title?

4. Which Manchester United player is this an anagram of? CANINE ACTOR

5. In Olympic boxing which weight comes between Bantamweight and Lightweight?

6. Which Rugby League team played their 2011 home games at the Jungle?

7. How many players are there in a netball team?

These sports stars all share their surnames with flowers.

8. Dennis _______ (Football)

9. Justin _______ (Golf)

10. Dennis _______ (Cricket)

Round 3 – Mystery Guest

1. I was born in 1946 and won 32 caps for my country (4 points)

I am now known as a coach having won League Titles in Italy and Spain (3 points)

I succeeded Arrigo Sacchi as manager of AC Milan and helped them to four Serie A titles in the 1990s (2 points)

I was appointed England manager in December 2007 (1 point)

2. I am considered by many to be the best player in modern times in my sport (4 points)

I made my international debut in 1989 and am a true icon in my country (3 points)

I made my first Test century at the age of 17 against England (2 points)

I scored my 99th international century during the 2011 Cricket World Cup which my country went on to win (1 point)

Round 4 – Home or Away

1. Franz Klammer. At the 2010 Winter Olympics which American skier won gold, silver and bronze medals?

2. Matthew Hoggard. In the 1st innings of the 1st Test at Brisbane in November 2010 which England bowler recorded figures of 6 for 125 on his Ashes debut?

3. Jim Courier. By beating France which European country won the 2010 Davis Cup for the first time in their history?

4. Rory Underwood. Who scored England’s only try in their 2007 World Cup semi-final win but missed the final due to injury?

Round 5 – Captain’s Away

1. Against which club did John Arne Riise score a League Cup final goal in just 45 seconds in 2005?

2. Cumberland and Cornish are variations of which sport?

3. Name the two Irishman who won the Snooker World Championship between 1985 and 2011?

4. In which Olympic sport is the Val Barker trophy awarded?

a) Boxing

b) Field Hockey

c) Water Polo

Round 6 – What Happened Next

1. During a game from the 3rd Division of Spanish football, what happened next?

a) There is a tannoy announcement telling supporters of a car break-in in the car park. The car belongs to the referee who temporarily halts the game to go and assess the damage.

b) A swarm of bees surrounds the players and the referee is forced to halt the game whilst the players take cover.

c) The ball is kicked over the stand but as it’s the last ball his teammate who is warming up as a substitute on the sideline is forced to leave the stadium to go and find the ball.

4. The 2009 125cc Grand Prix from Catalunya is in its closing stages, what happened next?

a) Leader Julian Simon turns his head to see where his rival Andrea Lannone is and loses his balance, resulting in him crashing out.

b) Julian Simon crosses the finish line and starts celebrating even though there is still one lap to go, costing him first place.

c) A flock of birds lands on the track and both riders fall whilst trying to slalom their way through them.

Round 7 – On the Buzzer

This buzzer round is all about the south of England.

1. Which club ended Spurs’ Champions League campaign in 2011 by defeating them 5-0 on aggregate?

2. Which Somerset player opened England’s batting in the 2005 Ashes?

3. Born in Hammersmith which boxer fought Tim Witherspoon and Oliver McCall in World Heavyweight Title fights?

4. Which circuit has staged the British Formula One Grand Prix on over 40 occasions?

5. Exeter born Liam Tancock is a World Champion in which sport?

6. Located in Berkshire which racecourse stages the King George V and the Queen Elizabeth Stakes?

7. John Barnes played in FA Cup finals for Liverpool, Newcastle United and which Hertfordshire based team?

8. Which Open Championship golf course is situated in Kent?

9. With which club were the Armitage brothers playing when they played in England’s Rugby Union side?

10. In which English athletics stadium did Yelena Isinbayeva become the first woman to clear 5 metres in the pole vault?

11. At which venue does the AEGON Championship take place in London a couple of weeks before Wimbledon?

12. In which sport have Guildford Heat been British Champions?

13. Which snooker tournament did Stephen Hendry win at Wembley Arena for five years running between 1989 and 1993?

14. For which team did Shane Warne play County Championship cricket in the 2000s?

15. With Shaun Edwards and Martin Offiah in their side which club reached their only Challenge Cup final in 1999?

16. Where is the Royal Regatta held on the River Thames every year?

17. Which Londoner known as the King of the Bling, lost in World Championship finals to Eric Bristow and John Part?

18. In 1998 which West Country side became the first English team to win Rugby Union’s Heineken Cup?

19. When Spurs beat Wigan 9-1 in the Premier League in 2009 which southerner scored 5 goals in the first half?

20. Which Essex born athlete won Commonwealth gold for England in the Decathlon in 2006?

Game 6

On this episode of A Question of Sport are…

Matt Le Tissier (Football)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1995

Shaun Pollock (Cricket)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2008

James Toseland (Motorcycle racing)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2008

Ruby Walsh (National Hunt racing)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2005


Round 1 – Opening Rally

1. Name the ten different teams to have won the Champions League between 1996 and 2010.

Round 2 – One Minute Round

1. Which Scottish club did Alex Ferguson manage between 1978 and 1986?

2. Which American city’s NFL American Football team are called the Bengals?

3. Which country hosted a Moto GP race in 2010 at Estoril?

4. Who captained Australia in the final Ashes Test of the 2011 series?

5. Which cricket team is this an anagram of? RISKY HERO

6. In which sport did Britain’s Kristina Cook win an Olympic bronze medal at the 2008 Games?

7. In which sport do the winners receive the Stanley Cup?

These sports stars all share their surnames with birds.

8. Jason _______ (Rugby League)

9. Chris _______ (Football)

10. Jeff _______ (Cricket)

Round 3 – Mystery Guest

1. I became my country’s youngest player when I made my debut at the age of 18 (4 points)

I am one of only a few players in my sport that wear spectacles whilst playing (3 points)

In 2011 I stepped down as the captain of my country having led them on numerous occasions (2 points)

I became only the 2nd New Zealand cricketer to take over 300 Test wickets (1 point)

2. I enjoy motor racing but I have been a professional in my chosen sport since 1992 (4 points)

I was born in 1975 and can play my sport right-handed or left-handed (3 points)

I won the UK Championship aged 17 and was crowned World Champion in 2001 (2 points)

I am known for my speed around the table and in 1997 I scored a maximum 147 break in under 5 minutes and 30 seconds (1 point)

Round 4 – Home or Away

1. Matt Le Tissier. Who in 2011 became the first player from his club to score a hat trick against Manchester United since 1990?

2. Shaun Pollock. In the 1996 World Cup final who scored 107 not out and took 3 for 42 to win the Man of the Match award as his side became the World Champions for the first time?

3. James Toseland. Which rider won the 125cc in 1997, the 250cc in 1999 and the first of five successive 500cc/Moto GP titles in 2001?

4. Ruby Walsh. On which horse did Jim Culloty become the first jockey to win three successive Cheltenham Gold Cups in nearly 40 years?

Round 5 – Captain’s Away

1. What trophy did Pickles the dog find in 1966?

2. A regulation game of Ice Hockey is separated into how many periods of play?

3. Name the two countries that won the Davis Cup between 2000 and 2010 that begin with the letter S?

4. In which sport is the Louis Vuitton Cup awarded?

a) Bobsleigh

b) Curling

c) Sailing

Round 6 – What Happened Next

1. Snooker player Peter Ebdon is competing at the Royal London Watches Grand Prix, what happened next?

a) Peter Ebdon fouls in the middle of a break because he is colour-blind and pots the brown instead of a red.

b) One of the lights falls from the canopy above the table and smashes forcing the frame to be restarted.

c) After Ebdon plays his shot, the fire alarm goes off and the auditorium has to be evacuated.

2. In the Hungarian league Debrecen VSC have just won a penalty, what happened next?

a) The keeper saves the penalty only to see the ball smashed into the top corner by his own teammate attempting to clear the ball.

b) The ball rebounds off the bar, hits the referee and goes into the net.

c) The striker’s boot comes off as he hits the penalty. The boot ends up in the net but the ball goes wide.

Round 7 – On the Buzzer

This buzzer round is all about World Champions.

1. Who coached Chelsea in 2008, 6 years after coaching Brazil to their World Cup final success?

2. Which country has won cricket’s World Cup on three successive occasions?

3. In which event did Allen Johnson win 4 World Championship track gold medals between 1995 and 2003?

4. Who was the first boxer to win the World Heavyweight Title for a third time?

5. Which British rider became the 500cc World Champion in 1976 and 1977?

6. In which sport did the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles become World Champions in 2009?

7. Which driver from Argentina won 5 Formula One World Championships in the 1950s?

8. Which of England’s 2003 Rugby Union World Cup winning side captained them in the 2007 World Cup final?

9. Which country won all 5 of the available gold medals at the 2010 Badminton World Championships?

10. In which field event did Christian Olsson succeed a Briton as World Champion in 2003?

11. Which former snooker World Champion is known as ‘Dracula’?

12. In which sport have Britain’s Paul Manning and Ed Clancy been World Champions?

13. Who in 2006 partnered Toytown to become Eventing World Champion?

14. For which country did Stephen Dodd and Bradley Dredge win the golf World Cup in 2005?

15. Which European city hosted the first World Athletics Championships in 1983 and again in 2005?

16. Who in 1978 became only the second American to win the Formula One Championship?

17. In which sport did Dutchman Jelle Klaasen become a World Champion in 2006?

18. Which country hosted and won the first football World Cup in 1930?

19. Which American female skier won two gold medals at the Alpine World Championships in 2009 before winning Winter Olympic gold in the Downhill the following year?

20. Which snooker player knocked the reigning World Champion out of the 2011 Championships in the first round?

Game 7

On this episode of A Question of Sport are…

Frank Lampard (Football)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2000

Gavin Hastings (Rugby Union)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1989

Bob Willis (Cricket)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 1981

Paula Radcliffe (Long-distance running)

First appeared on the show as a guest in 2002


Sue Barker became the third official host of A Question of Sport